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XLS Medical

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XLS Medical

What is XLS Medical?

XLS Medical is a weight loss product. It is designed to promote weight loss by binding fat. In fact, it can burn up three times more fat than exercise alone.

How This Supplement Works

Litramine is one of the ingredients in XLS Medical Direct at Amcal. This ingredient is filled with fiber. You can lose weight by adding more fiber to your diet. Fiber helps the body eliminate weight.

XLS Medical also has vitamin A, D and E. These are fat-soluble vitamins, which helps the body release and absorb fat.

Clinical Trials

There have been a number of studies done to confirm that Litramine is effective for promoting weight loss. One of the studies had 10 volunteers. Another study had 150 volunteers.

The study with 150 volunteers lasted 12 weeks. Every subject was asked to follow a 2,500 subjects. They were given a placebo for two weeks. After the two-week phase, the subjects were given a placebo or Litramine. The results of the subject showed that the subjects who took the Litramine lost five percent more body weight.

Side Effects

Many people are concerned about the side effects of supplements. However, XLS Medical can promote weight loss without causing side effects. In fact, unlike many other weight loss supplements, XLS Medical is easy on the stomach.Image for XLS Medical Direct Sachets - 90 Pack from Amcal

However, you should consult with your doctor before using this supplement. The product may interfere with certain medications. Some people may experience bloating and diarrhea, but this will typically go away once the body gets adjusted to it.